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The 2023 election process is now closed.

If you are eligible to vote, you should have already received an e-mail from Votenet Solutions, Inc. with instructions on how to cast your vote. Please check your SPAM folder for mail from the sender.

The online voting site is now open and contains biographical information submitted by each nominee. Information about candidates is also presented below by position.

Election Timeline

Official election results will be announced during the State of the Association Meeting held in conjunction with the AMIA 2023 Annual Symposium on November 14.

The Nominating Committee thanks you for your thoughtful consideration of these and other possible nominees.


AMIA Board candidates discussed their future plans for AMIA, their areas of interest, and why they think they are the best choice for the position during a recent open forum.

Board Slate

Board Treasurer

The Treasurer is an officer of AMIA.  The Treasurer will be a member of AMIA in good standing who has demonstrated commitment, active service and leadership, and is committed to furthering AMIA’s mission and vision.  The Treasurer will have previously served in an AMIA volunteer leadership position including as a member of AMIA’s Finance and Investment Committee and will have a demonstrated knowledge of non-profit financial management. The Treasurer’s term is two years and is limited to two consecutive terms. Term of office for Treasurer is January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2025.

James Cimino

Paul Fu


Board Secretary

The Secretary is an officer of AMIA and serves as the Corporate Secretary signing corporate documentation when needed. The Secretary shall maintain, or cause to be maintained, corporate documents, minutes of Board meetings, membership meetings, records of activities, membership lists, and any other records required by law. The Secretary serves as a member of the Executive Committee. The Secretary’s term is two years and is limited to two consecutive terms. Term of office for Secretary is January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2025.

Steven Labkoff

Philip Payne


Board Director

Four directors will be elected

The Board of Directors is the principal policy making body of AMIA and is responsible for AMIA’s strategic plan. A successful board member is supportive of AMIA’s mission and speaks knowledgeably about AMIA and informatics. S/he is an active and visible member of AMIA and the informatics community. The Board is accountable to AMIA’s members. Directors serve a three-year term and may be elected to serve two consecutive terms. Term of office for four Directors is January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2026.

Julia Adler-Milstein

Oliver Bear Don’t Walk, IV

Aarti Chandawarkar

Laura Heermann Langford

Susan Hull

Tiffany Leung

Chunhua Weng

Jiajie Zhang


Working Group Slate

Many AMIA Working Groups will also be electing new leadership and those elections will be held in conjunction with this year’s Board of Directors election. Each working group is currently putting together its slate of candidates. If you are eligible to vote in working group elections, you will see the ballot(s) upon logging into the election site.