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The AMIA Annual Symposium is the world’s premier meeting for the research and practice of biomedical and health informatics. The meeting gathers the whole AMIA community of students and professionals, plus academic and corporate members, and government and non-profit partners.  

The Annual Symposium agenda includes more than 600 presentations, panels, posters, plenaries, keynotes, exhibition, roundtables, showcases, special events and networking opportunities.

The Annual Symposium attracts 2,000+ attendees and serves a multidisciplinary, interprofessional community.

  • Clinical and health informatics professionals -- physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinicians
  • Translational and clinical informatics scientists, researchers and educators
  • Biomedical and health science librarians
  • Advanced students pursuing a career in informatics
  • Developers, computer, artificial intelligence and data scientists
  • Government officials and policymakers
  • Consultants and industry professionals

Upcoming Symposium

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November 5-9, 2022

Washington, DC

The Annual Symposium will build on more than 45 years of sharing research and insights for leveraging health information and cutting-edge technologies to improve human health. Scientific evidence is the language of trust in healthcare, and this year’s theme is Informatics: Building the Evidence Base.

Past Symposiums

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Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 2021

San Diego, CA

The Annual Symposium builds on more than 40 years of sharing research and insights for leveraging information to improve human health. The AMIA 2021 Annual Symposium showcases the latest innovations from the community of biomedical informatics researchers and practitioners.
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November 14-18, 2020


The 2020 Symposium took place November 14-18, 2020 and brought together informatics professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to transforming health through informatics.
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November 16-20, 2019

Washington, DC

The AMIA 2019 Annual Symposium took place November 16-20, 2019 in Washington, DC and built on more than 40 years of sharing pioneering research and insights for leveraging information to improve human health.