• Academic Forum

    The Academic Forum is a membership unit within AMIA dedicated to serving the needs of biomedical and health informatics training programs.


Academic Forum

The Academic Forum is a membership unit within AMIA dedicated to serving the needs of biomedical and health informatics training programs. The Academic Forum comprises informatics professionals responsible for the leadership and excellence of informatics training programs. Members of the Academic Forum are engaged in issues relating to the organization and management of educational and research programs in universities and colleges.

Participants focus on a range of issues important to faculty such as management, promotion criteria, recruitment, models of success in building informatics programs, salary scales, advocacy within academic environments, and other topics. A current AMIA membership is required for participation in the Academic Forum.

AMIA 2019 Informatics Educators Forum, sponsored by the Academic Forum

Academic Forum member representatives enjoy complimentary attendance to the premier conference for informatics educators. This gathering of 300+ attendees, includes representatives from the top informatics programs in the country. The AMIA 2019 Informatics Educators Forum is an opportunity for educators, informatics professionals, and students to come together to address challenges facing health informatics education in order to improve the educational experience of both students and faculty and to better prepare students for their future professional roles, whether those roles are in academics, clinical practice, government, or industry. Health Informatics spans multiple highly dynamic disciplines, draws applicants from a diverse set of backgrounds, and trains students for many distinct professional roles. The resulting educational challenges can be both difficult and rewarding, but require unique perspectives and compromises. Learn more

Benefits of Academic Forum Membership

  • A place for academic leaders to call their professional home within the national organization for biomedical and health informatics training programs
  • Special exhibition rates and Learning Showcase opportunities at the AMIA Annual Symposium*
  • Strategy meeting at the AMIA Annual Symposium
  • Posting in the Informatics Academic & Training Programs directory
  • Posting in the Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program directory
  • A place for educators to connect through Academic Forum Communities
  • Sharing of knowledge and best practices to advance the discipline
  • Communicating as a single voice on important policy matters
  • Networking with colleagues who share similar opportunities and challenges
  • Access to JAMIA Journal Club Webinars for your students

*Academic Forum full and affiliate members receive favorable rates on exhibition at the AMIA Annual Symposium. This does not include emerging program members. Contact AMIA for more information.

Clinical Informatics Training Requirements

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has accredited clinical informatics subspecialty fellowships. The AMIA Academic Forum includes in its membership a subgroup called the Community of Clinical Informatics Program Directors (CIPD). A current list of the Fellowship Programs can be found here.

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