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AMIA Bylaws

The AMIA Board of Directors is responsible for guiding AMIA’s policies and objectives. The Board is the principle policy making body of AMIA as set forth in the AMIA bylaws and articles of incorporation. The Board delegates various duties and responsibilities to the Executive Committee, officers, committees, task forces and employees. These delegations are reflected in bylaws, manuals and handbooks, and in resolutions adopted by the Board. The AMIA staff is responsible for maintaining handbooks, procedures and manuals that detail functions of the volunteer structure and publish policies of interest on this website.

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Amended November 2023

AMIA Policies

Governance Structure

November 2023

The AMIA Board voted to implement a new governance structure, developed over a 12-month-plus process involving significant member input.

The changes include simplifying the structure, creating transparency and supporting responsiveness, reducing duplicative efforts to better utilize member resources.

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Updated May 2024