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The research and practice of informatics in health and healthcare offers educational and career opportunities that are broad and deep. There is virtually no part of the health and healthcare ecosystem that is untouched by informatics and the people who make a difference every day.

Informaticians come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds with interests and expertise as varied as clinical decision support, pharmacogenomics, natural language processing, proteomics, health equity, ethics, public policy, mobile health, ontologies, qualitative research, human factors, visual analytics and many, many more.  

If you are new to informatics or looking to pivot in your career search the Informatics Academic Program directory to find the right fit for your interests. Explore the education catalog and watch a JAMIA Journal Club webinar for free. Not sure what informaticians do? Check out AMIA’s Why Informatics? YouTube videos.

If you have clinical or health informatics experience and are ready to up your game, consider certification.  It sets you apart and gives you and employers confidence and trust in your expertise.

Ready to make a career change?  Make an investment and take an AMIA 10x10 course to learn about the basics of informatics.

Post your resume or search jobs on Or come to an AMIA meeting to network and explore new learning and opportunities.

Academic Programs and Careers

Informatics Academic Programs

Search a directory formal academic and training programs in biomedical, health, and nursing informatics and advance your career.

Career Center

Post your résumé and apply to jobs in the AMIA Career Center.

Take advantage of the AMIA Career Center and find your next job.


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Clinical Informatics Subspecialty

Becoming board-certified in clinical informatics sets the highest bar for those who are experts in the subspeciality. It provides the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge applying informatics to deliver improved healthcare services.
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AMIA Health Informatics Certification (AHIC)

Become an AMIA Certified Health Informatics Professional For over 35 years, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) members have been leading the effort to transform healthcare through informatics practice, research, and education. AMIA is committed to advancing the field, supporting informatics professionals, and promoting informatics best practice to assure that health […]

Career Hub

Check out the Career Hub at the Annual Symposium in New Orleans for ignite style talks including topics such as change management and successful interviewing.

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