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The AMIA bylaws determine the process and timeline for our elections and we conduct our elections electronically.

Online voting opens in early September and will contain full biographical information submitted by each nominee.

An e-mail will be sent to all eligible members announcing the opening of the election site and will include detailed instructions on how to vote.


  • May - June: Self nominations accepted
  • August: Slate is announced
  • September - October:  Election open for voting
  • November: Winners announced at AMIA's Annual Symposium

2022 Election

Results of AMIA's Board of Directors election were announced at the State of the Association meeting held during the 2022 Annual Symposium in Washington, DC.

Meet AMIA's new member leaders

    Current Open Positions

    Nominations and applications for 2022 are now closed. Information for next year will be available in May 2023.