AMIA Leadership

AMIA is overseen by a Board of Directors, all of whom are highly respected, nationally recognized informatics leaders. Supported by dozens of committees that provide recommendations, the Board meets bi-monthly and the Executive Committee meets monthly. The Board guides AMIA’s policies and objectives and publishes periodic summaries of board work for members.

A number of Committees form AMIA's infrastructure to oversee various functions within the organization. These meet throughout the year and in person once a year. 

Full-time, career-status staff run day-to-day operations from AMIA’s national office.

AMIA Connect is where AMIA leaders communicate. If you are a member of the Board, a Committee and or Task Force log in to to access your community.

Working Group, Discussion Forum and Communities of Practice Directory, click here.

Note: If you are not a member of a group private or open membership, you will not be able to use the list email.