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Virginia K. Saba: Nursing Informatics Visionary, Mentor, Trailblazer

Dr. Virginia K. Saba was an extremely, accomplished and multifaceted nurse informaticist. However, not all nurse informaticists, especially nurses just entering informatics practice, are aware the profound impact she had on the evolution of informatics. Many informatics nurses were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and work with Dr. Saba over the years. This webinar shared some of the most notable accomplishments of Dr. Saba as a trailblazer, mentor, and preserver of nursing informatics history.
Clinical Research Informatics
Consumer Health Informatics

The Digital Physiome: Wearables for Early Disease Detection

Digital health is rapidly expanding due to surging healthcare costs, deteriorating health outcomes, and the growing prevalence and accessibility of mobile health and wearable technologies. Recent technological advancements make it possible to closely and continuously monitor individuals using multiple measurement modalities in real time.
Clinical Research Informatics

Leveraging YouTube Video Analytics for Health Literacy

The easy availability of a vast repository of user-generated health information on video sharing social media platforms, such as YouTube, offers an effective way to deliver medical information that may be more understandable for the public, with the potential to improve health literacy, patient-physician interactions, self-care and health outcomes.
Clinical Research Informatics

Population Health and Pandemic Response: A New Frontier for National Statistical Institutes Using Large-scale Linked Data Assets

In this session, Emma Rourke, Director of Health Analysis and Pandemic Insights at ONS, outlines how the organization leveraged large-scale linked administrative data assets alongside ambitious survey data collection, including wide scale biological sampling, to offer unique evidence and insights that have informed the UK's pandemic response. Emma will detail how ONS stood-up the gold-standard longitudinal Coronavirus Infection Survey (CIS) in April 2020, offering trusted regular estimates of Covid-19 infection and immunity across all four nations of the UK.