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AMIA's 10x10 program utilizes curricular content from certified informatics training programs and other AMIA educational initiatives. Topics range from introductory health informatics courses to more specialized courses focusing on nursing informatics and clinical decision support. These courses are ideal for those looking to advance their health care profession with informatics training.

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up-to-date details on leading topics in the field: EHR, data standards & interoperability, clinical decision support, healthcare data analytics.


with other professionals who are seeking informatics solutions to real-world challenges in clinical and non-clinical settings.


your knowledge of informatics to address an issue in your work setting – and share your findings with the instructor and colleagues.

What Participants Are Saying About AMIA 10x10

I liked the flexibility and pace of the course; furthermore, I enjoyed the various perspectives presented on health informatics especially starting with a basic presentation of all the components.
I feel I received better education on informatics than 90% of the informaticians in my facility. I loved the flexibility of completing the training and the multiple ways to download or access the course materials.
I have been engaged in clinical informatics projects for almost five years, and this was my first formal training. I enjoyed getting formal training, hearing outside perspectives from other classmates regarding their health systems, and being provided with multiple references for future study.

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