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Specific prerequisites may vary by course. Please see each individual AMIA 10x10 course webpage. In general, a registrant should have a background in either health care or technology/IT.

Yes. Since AMIA 10x10 courses are virtual, if you have access to WiFi and a laptop, computer or tablet, anyone living in the U.S. or outside of the U.S., may register for an AMIA 10x10 course.

Successful Completion

Completion requirements vary per course, but generally receiving a 70 percent or higher on any quizzes and completing the course project/Capstone or a 3-page final paper, will constitute completion. Please see each individual AMIA 10x10 course page for more details on successful course completion.

Yes, all courses are virtual, but some may have a “live” discussion component. This means that one time per course, the course director may send out a poll to find the best time for the entire class to get together virtually and have a discussion. Otherwise all courses are virtual and asynchronous.

Some AMIA 10x10 courses also have an optional in-person session that is conducted at the end of the course. These in-person sessions are always optional, never mandatory, to attend. They are held during an AMIA meeting that falls within the year of the AMIA 10x10 course.

Tuition and Purchase

AMIA members receive a discount on all 10x10 courses. AMIA members pay $1999 for any 10x10 course, non-members pay $2395. If an organization wishes to register five or more people for one course (bulk registrations), there is a tiered discount program available. Please contact the AMIA Education Team.

No, financial aid is not available.

This will vary by course. Some courses do require a textbook that needs to be purchased, but most courses do not use a standard textbook. Please see each individual AMIA 10x10 course page for more information on any course materials.

AMIA does offer a payment installment plan. For those who may be interested in that option, please contact AMIA’s Education Team.

You can request an invoice for an AMIA 10x10 course. AMIA accepts payment in the form of a check, credit card or wire transfer.

If a registrant pays for an AMIA 10x10 course, then decides to withdraw from the course or cancel before the course start date, a full refund will be issued, minus a $50 processing fee.

Any cancellation or withdrawal occurring more than 30 days after a 10x10 course has begun, will not be eligible for a refund. Instead, the registrant may transfer to another AMIA 10x10 course offered by the same host institution occurring within the same calendar year. Registrants may not transfer to a different host institution's course. Transfers may only occur within the same partner school's AMIA 10x10 program.

If no transfer or refund request is received by AMIA within 30 days after an AMIA 10x10 course has ended, AMIA will assume all terms and conditions have been fulfilled. After that timeframe, registrants are not eligible for transfers or refunds.

No, auditing of an AMIA 10x10 course is not allowed.


Neither; AMIA 10x10 courses are continuing education courses ONLY. They do not provide official certification and they are not a degree-granting course.

Some will; each course will vary, but most courses do offer transferrable graduate school credit, from the specific partner school. Please see each individual AMIA 10x10 course webpage for details.

With two exceptions, all the AMIA 10x10 courses offer either CME or ANCC credits. The AMIA 10x10 courses that currently do not offer credit of any kind are Stanford and UTHealth.

AMIA 10x10 participants have shared with us some of the work they completed for their capstone projects. Please read a list of projects.

AMIA 10x10 participants tell us the value of the course and how it helps them in their professional lives. Go here to read representative comments.

There is no official post-course job assistance. AMIA recommends becoming an AMIA member after completing an AMIA 10x10 course. As an AMIA member, you can access our job postings, job board and other informatics-related employment resources.

Most AMIA 10x10 course completers will add the course to the Education section of their CV or resume.


For additional questions about the 10x10 program, please contact the AMIA Education Team or find answers on the FAQs page.

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