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Clinical Decision Support

This course is now closed. 

This new contribution from the University of Utah to the AMIA 10x10 program is an in-depth course about Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools, standards, and implementation. The course is designed and taught by leaders and experts in the field. The instructors are affiliated with the Department of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah, which has a five-decade-long history of innovations in CDS.

The online course was designed following active learning principles. It teaches state-of-the-art principles and practices to enable effective CDS. Topics include a review of the various types of CDS tools; principles of CDS governance and knowledge management; CDS technical architectures, standards (e.g., FHIR, SMART, CDS Hooks, Infobutton), and tools (OpenInfobutton, OpenCDS); and CDS implementation and evaluation.

Utah Health

This is a semester long (August-December), 3 credit hour course.

The course is targeted at health IT professionals, clinicians, computer scientists, human factors professionals, and other individuals who are interested in CDS, regardless of background or prior experience. The student cohort is multidisciplinary, with backgrounds in health care delivery, public health, computer science, biology, genetics, and information technology. Examples of roles that could benefit from this course include those engaged with CDS governance and implementation at health care or public health organizations, CDS designers/developers, health IT designers/developers, CDS researchers, and clinical/health services researchers interested in applying CDS in their research.

Meet Your Course Directors

Kensaku Kawamoto, MD, PhD, MHS, FACMI, FAMIA
Vice Chair for Clinical Informatics, Department of Biomedical Informatics
University of Utah School of Medicine

Dr. Kawamoto’s leverages his experience in health informatics, software engineering, and clinical medicine to enable practical and scalable use of health IT to optimize disease prevention, diagnosis, and management. He is actively engaged in the development and adoption of health IT standards, co-chairs the HL7 CDS Work Group, and is a member of the US federal Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC). He directs the ReImagine EHR initiative, which focuses on the development, evaluation and dissemination of interoperable CDS tools over multiple EHR platforms using standards such as SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks.

Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD, FACMI
Vice Chair for Research, Department of Biomedical Informatics
University of Utah School of Medicine

Dr. Del Fiol has over 20 years of experience in the design, development, evaluation and dissemination of clinical informatics and CDS interventions to improve the quality, safety, and value of health care. His research interests include the integration of biomedical evidence resources with EHR systems via “infobuttons” and clinical informatics tools leveraging health information exchange (HIE). As a co-chair of the HL7 CDS Work Group, lead author of the HL7 Infobutton Standard, and project lead of OpenInfobutton (, he is also engaged in the development and implementation of health IT standards and tools to promote dissemination of CDS across health care organizations and EHR platforms, especially to help reduce health disparities in underserved populations. He is also the Director for Research of the ReImagine EHR initiative at the University of Utah.

Additional AMIA 10x10 Faculty

Mollie Cummins, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI - Professor of Nursing and Associate Dean for Research and PhD Program at the University of Utah College of Nursing, Adjunct Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chair. Dr. Cummins holds a PhD in nursing science and information science from Indiana University. She has made numerous scholarly contributions in informatics, particularly in the areas of poison control informatics, health information exchange and applied data science. She has authored numerous articles, book chapters, scientific papers, and abstracts, and previously served as a journal editor.

Polina Kukhareva, PhD, MPH, MS - Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Utah School of Medicine. Dr. Kukhareva holds a PhD in informatics from the University of Utah and an MPH in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina. She is an expert in evaluation methods for CDS interventions. She directs the evaluation program of the ReImagine EHR initiative at the University of Utah. Her research interests include CDS implementation, effectiveness research, value assessment and economic evaluation. She successfully led the evaluation of multiple CDS interventions, including solutions addressing a broad range of healthcare topics: sepsis, diabetes pharmacotherapy, diabetic ketoacidosis, weight management, opioid overuse, telemetry overutilization, laboratory test ordering, and others. Dr. Kukhareva has authored multiple articles and is a JAMIA Editorial Board member.

Course Structure

Recorded presentations, readings, weekly quizzes, synchronous lab sessions, online discussions, assignments, semester-long group project.


For additional questions about the 10x10 program, please contact Jeffrey Williamson,
Senior Vice President of Education and Member Services or find answers on the FAQs page.

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Type: AMIA 10x10
Course Format(s): On Demand
Course Level: Intermediate
Price: AMIA members - $1999, Non-members - $2,395
Weekly Commitment: 4-6 hours per week
Time To Complete: 16 weeks