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10x10 with OHSU

Introduction to Biomedical and Health Informatics

"I appreciated the instructor's enthusiasm for the topic.  He obviously cares deeply and believes that clinical informatics can improve medical care.”

"As a practicing physician and technology developer, I had exposure to many of the course topics, but with many knowledge and experience gaps. The 10x10 course was critical for identifying and filling those gaps.” "I liked so much about it [the course]. It was thorough but not so much that one gets lost in the woods. It was great to be able to study and learn at my own pace. It was relevant to my practice in many of the modules. The instructor was very responsive to questions and feedback.”

"I appreciated an overview of foundational and current research in health informatics. The format was easy to stay engaged with and follow. I appreciate having the reference lists for each unit. The course felt current and up-to-date by including the impact of COVID throughout.” "I ended up really enjoying the discussion forum when multidisciplinary discussions were carried out and I got to know and share different perspectives with a variety of  professionals - Dr. Hersh's chairing and interactions were awesome!”

"The instructor, Dr. Hersh, is quite clear and recognizes the need, in a lecture format without immediate feedback, to expand upon concepts and draw connections to other components of the course. I was very glad to have the opportunity to discuss topics in fora provided for each section.”

"I am relatively new to informatics and I learned things that I could immediately relate to/put into practice, etc."

"The course material was quite comprehensive and reviewed the basics and some advanced concepts. As a physician who has cobbled together informatics knowledge during my career this was a great way to fill in some gaps and to better understand standard technology."

"Great content, really good powerpoint slides and I appreciated all the references and links embedded in the slides. I appreciated the book chapters and journal articles. Dr. Hersh is just an incredibly nice guy and really approachable and knowledgeable."

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10x10 with UAB

Health Informatics

"I enjoyed the online lectures and the variety of topics discussed."

"I enjoyed the accessibility and ease of the online course, and the prompt responses from the instructor."

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10x10 with OHSU in conjunction with the ACEP

Biomedical and Health Informatics for Emergency Physicians

"I feel I received better education on informatics than 90% of the informaticians in my facility. I loved the flexibility of completing the training and the multiple ways to download or access the course materials."

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