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The Working Group Steering Committee identifies trends and interests in biomedical and health informatics and oversees the Working Groups who exist to address the interests of AMIA’s members. The committee is responsible for communicating the vision and policies of the Board, serving as advocates on behalf of all Working Groups to the Board, and mentoring the working group leadership.


Profile image for Scott McGrath, PhD FAMIA

Scott McGrath, PhD FAMIA

Academic Program Management Officer
CITRIS Health UC Berkeley
Profile image for Victoria Tiase, PhD, RN, NI-BC, FAMIA, FAAN, FNAP

Victoria Tiase, PhD, RN, NI-BC, FAMIA, FAAN, FNAP

Strategic Director, Digital Health & Assistant Professor Biomedical Informatics
University of Utah
Profile image for Carolyn Petersen, MS, MBI, FAMIA

Carolyn Petersen, MS, MBI, FAMIA

Assistant Professor
Mayo Clinic
Profile image for Carolyn Sun, PhD

Carolyn Sun, PhD

Assistant Professor
Hunter College
Profile image for Guenter Tusch, PhD

Guenter Tusch, PhD

Grand Valley State University
Profile image for Jeffrey Nielson, MD, MS

Jeffrey Nielson, MD, MS

Associate Professor
Kettering Health
Profile image for Kate Fultz Hollis, MS, MBI, FAMIA

Kate Fultz Hollis, MS, MBI, FAMIA

Oregon Health & Science University
Profile image for Michael Grasso, MD,PhD

Michael Grasso, MD,PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Profile image for Sabrina Hsueh, PhD

Sabrina Hsueh, PhD

Director of Ethical AI and External Innovation
Profile image for Victoria Kolawole, MD, MSc

Victoria Kolawole, MD, MSc

Informatics Project Coordinator
Profile image for Zachary Strasser, MD

Zachary Strasser, MD

Instructor in Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School
Profile image for Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor

Senior Manager, Individual Membership


If you have a question or comment for the committee, please contact the Chair.

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