Working Groups

AMIA Working Groups serve as networks in which current members can exchange information on a particular area of special interest in biomedical and health informatics. Working Groups provide a way for members old and new to collaborate, meet new colleagues and become involved in the development of positions, issues, white papers, programs, and other activities that benefit the informatics community. Each Working Group extends to an online community in which members discuss key issues and developments in the field. Join one (or two) today!

I am an AMIA member because the Nursing Informatics Working Group (NIWG) provides me the opportunity to learn from, and network with, nursing informatics leaders from across the country and world. We come together as a community with annual objectives to support nurses and the greater AMIA membership. Our goal is to encourage greater NIWG participation in AMIA while mentoring NIWG members throughout their informatics career.

Please join the community that understands who you are and what you do. By working together, we make a difference in our profession. — Denise M. Goldsmith, MS, MPH, RN, FAAN, 2017 Chair, NIWG

This is a "member-only" benefit. Not a member? Join today! Take a sneak peek at a few webinars while strolling through AMIA’s member benefits page.

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WG Governance Manual

AMIA Connect Online Member Community

AMIA Connect is the online member community for networking, collaboration and sharing information.

AMIA Connect Communities include:

  • Working Groups
  • Discussion Forums
  • Communities of Practice
  • Board/Committees/Task Forces

Join an AMIA Connect Online Working Group Community today! Here’s how:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your member email and password (upper right corner).
  • Navigate to the "Communities" tab and from the drop down select
    • "All Communities" to view the complete list of all communities on AMIA Connect
    • "My Communities" to view only the communities to which you belong
  • Join any group with a blue "Join" button.

For more information on AMIA Connect, a directory of Working Group emails and direct URLs, click here.

If you are a Board, Committee or Task Force member, click here for more information about the private online leadership communities on AMIA Connect.