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From discovering innovative methods to learning from exciting real-world applications, the AMIA 2023 Informatics Summit attendees will experience the full range of cutting-edge work in translational informatics and clinical data science from inception to implementation.

This conference is the ideal setting for researchers, educators, data scientists, software developers and analysts, students, and industry professionals.

The Informatics Summit provides a more intimate gathering for attendees to discuss the latest informatics innovations in biomedical and translational research. This includes generating real-world evidence from electronic health records and patient reported data, novel methods and findings from myriad omics sources (genomics, transcriptomics, etc.), informatics infrastructure to support clinical trials and the research enterprise, as well as the health data science methods that fuel new discoveries.

    Scientific Program Committee Leadership

    Luke Rasmussen
    Chair, 2023 Scientific Program Committee
    Erin Crowgey, PhD
    Vice Chair, 2023 Scientific Program Committee
    Kate Fultz Hollis, MS, MBI, FAMIA
    Vice Chair, 2023 Scientific Program Committee
    Yuan Luo, PhD, FAMIA
    Vice Chair, 2023 Scientific Program Committee


    Meet the Scientific Program Committee