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AMIA 2023 Informatics Summit Corporate Roundtable

Recent Advances and Challenges in EHR to EDC for Clinical Research

Wednesday, March 15 | 12:15–1:15 p.m.

FHIR adoption is on the rise. While the use-case of EHR to EDC seems obvious, sites for the most part remain pessimistic and content with legacy data-collection practices that have become industry standard. Results from sites that helped forge this path to-date yielded questions and unknowns around the variability of data mappings, custom flowsheets, FHIR versioning, data traceability and more. This creates a need for industry-wide discussions on how to standardize the processes for solving these challenges and wider collaborations.

In this roundtable discussion over lunch, Triomics will delve into the technical, operational, and philosophical considerations involved in EHR to EDC for clinical research/trials. Triomics aims to place the interests and viability of hospitals at the forefront of the discussion while exploring ways to overcome the limitations of these technologies.

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CRIO, Informatics Specialists, Research Administration, FHIR Experts

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