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Visual Analytics is an emerging discipline that combines elements of visualization, data mining, human-computer interaction, data analytics, and human cognition to facilitate the exploration, reasoning, and interpretation of complex multi-modal data. 

The mission of the Visual Analytics Working Group is to promote the development and validation of new visual analytical techniques that can be used to address some of the fundamental data and informatics challenges evident in the healthcare domain.

The purpose of supporting and motivating more research and development on new visual analytical methods in healthcare is to make information more insightful, accessible, and actionable to a wide range of participants in the healthcare ecosystem including clinicians, administrators, policy makers, researchers, patients, families, and caregivers.  The AMIA working group is dedicated to fostering an active, interdisciplinary research community; highlighting impactful applications of visual analytics technology; developing best practices for development and evaluation; and serving as a hub for research collaboration.


Profile image for Danny Wu, PhD

Danny Wu, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
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Jeremy Warner, MD, MS

Past Chair
Associate Professor of Medicine and Public Health
Brown University


The Visual Analytics Working Group welcomes submissions for the pre-symposium Visual Analytics in Healthcare (VAHC 2022) prior to #AMIA2022!

Deadline: September 26, 2022

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