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AMIA's Student Working Group provides a forum in which informatics students can share their educational experiences and viewpoints, as well as information about career and educational opportunities.

The Student WG also facilitates student interaction with mid-career and senior professionals (who are AMIA members), and increases the national visibility of medical informatics as an academic discipline and viable career.


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Profile image for Zubin Khan, MS in Health Informatics Research

Zubin Khan, MS in Health Informatics Research

Chair 2022
Public Health Informatics Fellow
Profile image for Bradley Iott, MPH, PhD

Bradley Iott, MPH, PhD

Chair Elect 2022
University of California San Francisco
Profile image for Scott McGrath, PhD

Scott McGrath, PhD

Past Chair 2022
ACTIVATE Program Manager
CITRIS Health UC Berkeley
Profile image for Mollie Hobensack, BSN

Mollie Hobensack, BSN

Editor, Student Newsletter 2021-2022
Columbia University School of Nursing
Profile image for Sanya Taneja, MS

Sanya Taneja, MS

Editor, Student Newsletter 2021-2022
University of Pittsburgh
Profile image for Jacob VanHouten, MD, PhD, MPH, MS

Jacob VanHouten, MD, PhD, MPH, MS

Member-at-Large 2021-2022
Profile image for JoAnna Valderrama

JoAnna Valderrama

Member-at-Large 2021-2022
UW Medicine
Profile image for Jessica Ruff, MD, MA, MSPH

Jessica Ruff, MD, MA, MSPH

Student Working Group Representative
IT Medical Director: Patient Journey
Cleveland Clinic Foundation