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Informatics education involves numerous types of programs, settings, and learning objectives. The Working Group members are united in their shared goal of creating and delivering high-quality learning experiences for many types of students and trainees. Topics range from formal university-based degree programs, internships and fellowships, professional training across healthcare and relevant industry disciplines, and life-long learning.

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The Education Working Group brings current and future educators together to engage in sharing best practices and research efforts to understand the present climate for learners. The goal of the Working Group is to improve informatics education through examining competencies, practices, assessment, mentoring, and other strategies.

We collaborate with the AMIA Academic Forum, the AMIA Education Committee, and the other working groups to develop, collect, and disseminate educational resources for the membership, and beyond. Specific activities include:

  • Serve as a discussion and collaboration hub for AMIA members who are interested in education and may or may not be able to attend in-person events.
  • Facilitate education- and training-related presentations and other communications of value to the AMIA community.
  • With other AMIA groups, identify education opportunities for AMIA members in partnership with governmental, academic, and industry organizations and provide a venue for ED-WG members to contribute to matters of policy relevant to informatics education.
Profile image for Kristine M. Alpi, MLS, MPH, PhD

Kristine M. Alpi, MLS, MPH, PhD

University Librarian
Oregon Health & Science University
Profile image for William J Foster, MD PhD FAMIA

William J Foster, MD PhD FAMIA

Vice Chair
Temple University
Profile image for Suzanne Morrison Cox, PhD MPH

Suzanne Morrison Cox, PhD MPH

Past Chair
McKinsey & Company