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The Membership and Outreach Committee’s primary function is to ensure the effective and appropriate involvement of AMIA members in the organization by monitoring membership communication, structures, benefits, and services including publications. The committee reports to the Board.

Committee Members

Profile image for Jenna Marquard, PhD

Jenna Marquard, PhD

University of Minnesota
Profile image for Michelle Hribar, PhD

Michelle Hribar, PhD

Associate Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
Profile image for Deepti Pandita, MD, FACP, FAMIA

Deepti Pandita, MD, FACP, FAMIA

Chief Medical Information Officer
University of California Irvine
Profile image for Anai Kothari, MD MS

Anai Kothari, MD MS

Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology
Medical College of Wisconsin
Profile image for David Little, MD

David Little, MD

Director of Clinical Informatics
Profile image for Ece Uzun, PhD

Ece Uzun, PhD

Director of Clinical Bioinformatics/Assistant Professor
Lifespan/Brown University
Profile image for Laura Barrett, MS - Information and MS - Information Technology

Laura Barrett, MS - Information and MS - Information Technology

Profile image for Matthew Sakumoto

Matthew Sakumoto

Profile image for Steven Labkoff, MD, FACP, FACMI, FAMIA

Steven Labkoff, MD, FACP, FACMI, FAMIA

Global Head, Clinical & Healthcare Informatics
Profile image for Theresa Walunas, PhD

Theresa Walunas, PhD

Assistant Professor
Northwestern University
Profile image for Thomas Kannampallil, PhD

Thomas Kannampallil, PhD

Associate Professor; Assoc CRIO
Washington University School of Medicine
Profile image for Yanshan Wang, PhD

Yanshan Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor and Vice Chair of Research
University of Pittsburgh


If you have a question or comment for the committee, please contact the Chair.

Contact Jenna