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The Education Committee’s primary function is to advise, develop, support, and continuously evaluate a comprehensive approach to educational and practice-based training opportunities for members and others, as determined by the strategic priorities of the Board and the learning needs of AMIA's various audiences. The committee reports to the Board.

The Education Committee consists of a committee chair, who is an AMIA member with non-profit volunteer experience, and at least three other members. The Education Committee shall be populated by leaders from key education focused constituencies within AMIA including:

  • Chair of the Education Working Group (ED-WG)
  • Chair of the Academic Forum or a designee from the executive committee
  • Chair of the Working Steering Committee or a designee
  • Chair of the CI MOC Committee
  • Chair of the previous 10x10 Course Review Committee
  • Chair of the Community of Clinical Informatics Program Directors (CCIPD)
  • Standing Chairs of Scientific Program Committees
  • Chair of the Student Working Group or a designee from their leadership
  • Head of the Clinical Informatics Board Review Course (CIBRC)
  • Chair of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

Committee Members

Profile image for Saif Khairat, PhD, MPH, FAMIA

Saif Khairat, PhD, MPH, FAMIA

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Profile image for Peter Elkin, MD, MACP, FACMI, FNYAM, FAMIA, FIAHSI


Department of Biomedical Informatics, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Profile image for Christina Eldredge, MD, PhD

Christina Eldredge, MD, PhD

University of South Florida
Profile image for Colin Moore, MD

Colin Moore, MD

Children's Minnesota
Profile image for Kelly Nieves, MD

Kelly Nieves, MD

Waco Family Medicine
Profile image for Kim Unertl, PhD

Kim Unertl, PhD

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Profile image for Michael Grasso, MD,PhD

Michael Grasso, MD,PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Profile image for Robert Marshall, MD MPH MISM

Robert Marshall, MD MPH MISM

Madigan Healthcare System
Profile image for Sue Feldman, RN, MEd, PhD, FACMI

Sue Feldman, RN, MEd, PhD, FACMI

Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Health Informatics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Profile image for Sullafa Kadura, MD, MBA

Sullafa Kadura, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor
University of Rochester Medical Center
Profile image for Thomas Kannampallil, PhD

Thomas Kannampallil, PhD

Associate Professor; Assoc CRIO
Washington University School of Medicine
Profile image for Jeffrey J. Williamson, M.Ed.

Jeffrey J. Williamson, M.Ed.

Senior Vice President of Education and Member Services


If you have a question or comment for the committee, please contact the Chair.

Contact Saif