Women in AMIA Initiative

Salary Survey – Initial Results

Earlier this year, the Women in AMIA - Academic and Career Advancement subcommittee conducted an AMIA-wide confidential online survey to collect information on informatics professionals' employment and salary information. The goal of our survey was to understand the range of salaries for various informatics roles, to inform the AMIA community regarding salaries in informatics, after taking into account compensation context, and to facilitate activities aimed at ensuring fairness and transparency in compensation for all informatics professionals. Initial survey results can be found here.

The Women in AMIA Initiative is a movement created by and for members. Women in AMIA is committed to informing and inspiring the informatics community toward action around opportunities for women in AMIA to improve health and healthcare.

Women in AMIA is an open group, growing in numbers with the goals of

  • encouraging women to participate in AMIA activities
  • creating new opportunities within AMIA
  • aiding women to reach their professional goals
  • helping women advance their careers
  • promoting equal opportunity and treatment of women in our field

No matter whether you are a mentor, supervisor, colleague, advocate or friend of women (or even a parent of a girl interested in STEM), any AMIA member supporting the Women in AMIA Initiative goals is welcome to join the conversation and roll up your sleeves to accelerate AMIA’s role in transforming health and healthcare.

Women in AMIA Monthly Newsletter

The Women in AMIA Monthly Newsletter series keeps the AMIA community up to date on Women in AMIA’s undertakings; spotlights AMIA women and their informatics activities in academia, industry and government; and solicits input from readers on matters of interest to them.

WIA Newsletter Jun. 2021, Issue 15
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Take a look at video message from women in AMIA sharing their “Why Informatics?” stories.

Featured in Video: Marylyn Ritchie, PhD / Tiffany Grant, PhD / Wanda Pratt, PhD, FACMI / Maia Hightower, MD, MPH, MBA / Morgan Harrell, Graduate Student, PhD Candidate / Sandy Galiano, RN, BSN / Vivian Singletary, MBA / Emily Webber, MD, FAAP / Bonnie Westra, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI

Connect.  AMIA Connect Online Member Community has a discussion forum that is focused on growing an online community sharing issues of interest to women in AMIA. This is a members-only community.

Visit connect.amia.org and join us! Login required. https://connect.amia.org/WIADF

Send messages to the group once you’ve joined the community, via amia-WIADF@connectedcommunity.org

Be AMIA social! Share a picture of yourself and your story on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Use the hashtags #WomenInAMIA and #WhyInformatics.


Learn. The Women in AMIA initiative began with the 2015-2020 AMIA Strategic Plan and a special task force focused on understanding and supporting the role of women in AMIA.  The board transitioned the task force to a permanent committee within the volunteer structure—the Women in AMIA Steering Committee.

The committee supports a network of subcommittees working on specific initiatives identified as high-priority by the Board in the strategic plan.

Women in AMIA Subcommittees

  • Awards and Leadership — Identifies, encourages and enables women in applying for and obtaining leadership positions, awards and professional recognition within and outside of AMIA.
  • Career Advancement — Facilitates activities to educate women on career advancement in both academic and non-academic settings.
  • Networking/Mentoring and Lifecycle — Provides opportunities for women’s growth and development by fostering valuable connections over career and lifecycle events to support and empower diverse AMIA members through networking and mentoring to reach their career goals.
  • Pipeline — Works with other volunteer groups in AMIA to increase the number of women in AMIA and retain them in the early stages of their career development.

Want to know more about supporting the subcommittee work?  Email Kelly Evans, kelly@amia.org

Grow. We need women to help the Women in AMIA initiative grow!  Share opportunities within AMIA with other women. Encourage them with stories from inspiring women in AMIA and beyond.

Opportunities Available to Women in AMIA:

Lead.  Leadership looks like you.  Women in leadership roles send a positive message about what is possible in STEM careers. Nominate yourself or a colleague for AMIA elections, volunteer for a subcommittee, present a working group webinar, participate in the discussion list and encourage others to get involved.  Movements take leaders.  We need you!

With an active group of AMIA members work proactively to understand and counter gender stereotypes. AMIA supports the organizational vision that we prosper through inclusion of diverse members that are supported and empowered to reach their career goals.

AMIA is committed to efforts, communications and actions that demonstrate AMIA’s commitment to diversity regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, gender identification, race, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation.