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Applications are not currently being accepted.

The JAMIA SEB was created in 2003, and has provided outstanding informatics trainees with opportunities to receive in-depth exposure to the peer-review process and the operation of a scientific medical journal. Additional details about this program may be found in a published editorial (Johnson and Miller, JAMIA 2004; 11:87-8).

Under the leadership of Jessica Ancker, PhD, FACMI and Kirk Roberts, PhD, SEB members will be assigned approximately 6 manuscripts per year to review, and will assist with moderating or managing the monthly online JAMIA Journal Club. They will receive feedback about their reviews from the journal editors, and will be invited to attend annual Editorial Board meetings. Reviews from SEB members will be used in the standard JAMIA review process, and SEB members will be expected to treat manuscripts with the same strict confidentiality employed by full reviewers and Editorial Board members. Names of SEB members will be listed on the official Editorial Board page of the journal.

The selection process will be highly competitive. We will choose up to six (6) SEB members from the group of applicants. SEB members will be expected to serve for a two-year term. Members should be enrolled in an informatics or informatics-related degree program throughout the duration of their term on the SEB. Although we have no other specific eligibility requirements, we anticipate that the strongest SEB applicants will be critical thinkers with a mastery of written English, experience in scientific writing, background in health care, informatics, data science, and/or computer science; and solid knowledge of research design and basic biostatistics. A goal of the program is to improve these skills through experience and mentorship.

Consistent with AMIA and JAMIA’s ongoing initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, we will consider these values in our selection of SEB members.

As described in the application materials, please send the following to, and include your name followed by “SEB Application” in the subject heading: (1) Completed application form, (2) Curriculum vitae, and (3) Letter of reference (sent directly from a faculty member at the student’s institution to We will make decisions by mid-December for a start date of January 1, 2022.