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Patricia C. Dykes, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI
Special Message from the AMIA President and Board Chair
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Ask any AMIA member who has attended a conference and you’ll find an informatician impressed with the knowledge and skill of our presenters. AMIA is where the experts are, and the opportunity to share expertise with the health and healthcare community is second to none.

That’s why I’m pleased with the evolution of AMIA’s Digital Learning Program. Our meetings have always been an excellent opportunity for learners to come to the experts. AMIA’s Digital Learning Program is AMIA’s next generation initiative, and will bring the experts to the learners.

Today I’m inviting you to consider becoming a digital learning instructor. We seek your expertise to build a defined curriculum of online professional development content.

We are opening the first Call for AMIA Professional Development Instructors. The application deadline is April 6.

What are we creating? In 2020, the AMIA Professional Development Instructors will work in teams and will build the AMIA Health informatics Certification Review Course. They will also begin building a catalogue of courses we’re calling the Health Informatics Essentials.

There are five things I want you to know about this invitation to become an instructor:

  1. This is an exclusive members-only opportunity. AMIA is providing an opportunity for members to share their expertise, collaborate with peers, and gain recognition (and compensation) for their efforts as instructors.
  2. The instructor teams are interprofessional. We need a variety of talents—early-, mid- and experienced career level—to fill roles as team leaders, content developers, content reviewers and content presenters. We need members who have experience as educators, applying knowledge in the field or as researchers.
  3. Your member peers are engaged in selecting the professional development instructors. Saif Khairat, PhD, MPH, FAMIA, Chair of the Education Committee, is leading the committee along with the AMIA headquarters education staff in the review and selection of our first group of instructors.
  4. AMIA’s digital education initiative complements degree granting programs. Our institutions in the Academic Forum and beyond provide excellent education. AMIA’s online education is complementary, adding lifelong professional development to the knowledge toolkits of professional informaticians and health professionals seeking greater informatics awareness and understanding.

We need you. Our profession is dynamic, diverse and growing. To build the field, AMIA members must lead and guide. Online digital education is essential to AMIA’s long term success.

Sound intriguing? If you are not ready to apply, but may be interested in the future, we invite you to join our AMIA Digital Education Content Development Interest list.