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Patricia C. Dykes and Jodi Wachs
Special Message from the Board

We hope you are well. As mentioned in a previous message, AMIA is forming a new community for physicians. We are formally announcing the Physicians in AMIA (PINA) community.

This community is an evolution of the Clinical Informatics Community of Practice (CICOP) to address the needs of the physicians in AMIA. This new community was created to facilitate open communications across the entire physician membership.

CICOP was originally created as a closed channel of communication with board-certified physicians. PINA is an inclusive physician community that extends to all physicians regardless of board certifications, schooling, experience, work environment or area of informatics practice.

PINA works to provide a coordinated, actionable, empowered, unified voice with a focus on addressing the physician's professional needs development and advancement in areas such as career support throughout the lifespan, certifications, and building internal and external strategic relationships.

PINA is the professional home for physicians in AMIA. We look forward to the discussions and collaborations that will evolve from this community, as well as working with other groups in AMIA to advance informatics.

Stay tuned for a follow-up message to join this new community.

Patricia C. Dykes, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI
AMIA Board Chair/President
Jodi Wachs, MD, FAMIA, FAAPM&R
PINA Chair and CICOP Chair