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Inaugural 2022 DEI-ME: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Career Mentoring Event

Hosted by the AMIA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Subcommittee on Retention & Career Advancement

Sunday, November 6 | 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST
International Terrace West - Washington Hilton, Washington, DC

This 90-minute mentoring event will take place during the AMIA 2022 Annual Symposium within the AMIA Career Hub.

DEI-ME provides an opportunity for informaticists to discuss and engage with one another in a safe space regarding a host of topics pertaining to diversity, equity, inclusion. This is a chance for individuals to make connections and develop relationships to advise through their career path.

The goal of this event is to provide an inclusive mentoring event that is specifically DEI-focused in terms of discussion topics, where we can bring together individuals for career mentoring conversations in a small group setting.

DEI-ME will have tables with a mentor at each table covering one of eight topics. Mentees will rank the topics when registering and be placed based on their answers. DEI-ME will have 30-minute discussions with three rotations for mentees to experience three different mentors.


    Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate. We look forward to connecting with everyone in Washington, DC.


    If you have any questions, please email Arlene Chung, or Tayler Williams,

    Mentors and Mentees

    We are seeking both mentors & mentees from diverse perspectives for the event.

    • Mentor responsibilities include attending a pre-event training session and the 90 min event.
    • Mentees from all stages of the career development life cycle. So, whether you’re a college student to an informatics master’s or PhD student to early to mid to late career, you’re all welcome to join the event! Mentees are responsible for attending the 90 min event.

    Topics Included

    • LGBTQIA+ informaticians
    • BIPOC informaticians
    • Navigating the challenges of intersectionality between identities (e.g., examples of intersections are BIPOC women, LGBTQIA+ and with limited physical abilities)
    • Navigating challenges of bias in the workplace: how to navigate and thrive while also working to address systemic racism and discrimination
    • Career transitions between academia and industry
    • Early Career DEI opportunities and challenges
    • Mid-career Career DEI opportunities and challenges
    • Building the AMIA DEI Community: this will be a potpourri topic to discuss ideas and feedback on how we can build and support career advancement and member retention within our AMIA DEI communities