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POI focuses on interactions between people and technology, including designing, implementing, and deploying safe and usable health information systems and technology. The POIWG addresses issues such as how systems change us and our social and clinical environments, how we should change them, and what we need to do to take the fullest advantage of them to improve individual and population health and health care. As well as, to support healthcare providers, patients, and all other stakeholders, our members strive to understand, evaluate, and improve human-computer and socio-technical interactions.

We bring varied perspectives, methods, and tools from the humanities, social and cognitive sciences, computer science and informatics, and business disciplines to patient safety, workflow, collaborative work and decision-making, human-computer interaction and human factors, project and change management, adoption and diffusion of innovations, usability, unintended consequences, and policy.

We provide theories and frameworks for understanding these issues and deriving solutions, bring the power of advanced knowledge about human-system interplay to informatics, evaluate systems in use, work with other organizations and AMIA working groups to apply the social, organizational, and other complementary factors essential to integrating systems into the human milieu of health care. Please join our WG’s lively discussion through our listserve, wiki, and monthly conference calls.


Profile image for Kim Unertl, PhD

Kim Unertl, PhD

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Profile image for Rupa  Valdez, PhD

Rupa Valdez, PhD

Past Chair
Assistant Professor
University of Virginia