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To be the go-to working group in AMIA for consumer health informatics by:

  • promoting the importance of consumer perspectives
  • providing resources for members to build their leadership and expertise
  • fostering networking and collaboration among researchers, professionals, and communities
  • contributing to thought leadership in the field

Consumer may refer to patient, citizen, resident, advocate, community member, stakeholder, individual, person, human, caregiver, family member, end user.


Working group interest areas and webinars cover:

  • Science of engagement
  • Human computer interaction/computer human interaction
  • Citizen science
  • Participatory and person centered research methods
  • Social informatics methods
  • Participatory health
  • Health literacy and digital literacy
  • Health education and promotion
  • Personal health technologies; personal health records, portals, wearable devices, remote patient monitoring, mobile applications
  • Person generated health data
  • Social data
  • Telehealth and digital health
  • Technology design
  • Evaluation and adoption for technologies for patients, caregivers, family members and community members
  • Collaboration among clinicians, patients, caregivers and community members
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEIA) 


Profile image for Yunan Chen, PhD

Yunan Chen, PhD

Chair 2023-2024
University of California, Irvine
Profile image for Katherine Kim, PhD, MPH, MBA

Katherine Kim, PhD, MPH, MBA

Past Chair 2023
MITRE Corporation
Profile image for Adela Grando, PhD

Adela Grando, PhD

Member-at-Large 2023-2024
Associate Professor
Arizona State University
Profile image for Mollie McKillop, PhD

Mollie McKillop, PhD

Member-at-Large 2022-2023
Biomedical Informatician
IBM Watson Health
Profile image for Christie Martin, PhD, MPH, RN-BC, LHIT-HP

Christie Martin, PhD, MPH, RN-BC, LHIT-HP

Secretary 2023-2024
University of Minnesota School of Nursing
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Episode 25

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