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Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is a process for enhancing health-related decisions and actions. It empowers clinicians, patients, and other stakeholders by enhancing clinical decision-making and clinical processes and improving the quality of health care services and patient outcomes.

The purpose of the Clinical Decision Support Working Group (CDS-WG) is to provide a forum for AMIA members to share their interests, ideas, and experiences with CDS, and to help organize related activities at AMIA meetings.

Among its activities, the CDS-WG holds monthly online meetings, which all AMIA members are invited to attend.

Specific tasks for the CDS-WG include:

  • Serve as a discussion and collaboration hub for AMIA members who are interested in CDS.
  • Develop mechanisms for WG members to participate in discussions, which may include emails, forums, blogs, and other means.
  • Produce panel presentations, tutorials, research papers, white papers, and other content-based artifacts of value to the AMIA community.
  • Identify CDS opportunities for AMIA in partnership with government, academic, and industry organizations through CDS-WG discussions, meetings, and workshops.
  • Provide a collective voice for CDS-WG members to give input on matters of policy-relevant to CDS.
  • Harness AMIA member experience and expertise in CDS to help achieve AMIA's goal to improve health through health information technology.


Profile image for Michael A. Grasso, MD,PhD

Michael A. Grasso, MD,PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Maryland School of Medicine
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Eric Pan, MD

Vice Chair
Senior Study Director
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Joshua Richardson

Research Health IT Scientist
Profile image for Majid Afshar, MD, MSCR

Majid Afshar, MD, MSCR

Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin - Madison