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The committee recommends advocacy issues and activities and identifies critical areas for AMIA's strategic advocacy engagement for Board approval. The committee works with AMIA’s policy consultant, staff, and Board to develop annual work plans which support the strategic directions set by the Board. The committee works with the staff in developing and reviewing draft submissions in response to requests for comments in support of AMIA positions and helps prepare position papers on matters of public policy.  The committee strives to have a Vice Chair that studies under the current committee Chair and is able to be appointed for the next open term.  Overlapping terms of committee members is desired for political and policy consistency.  The committee will strive for a balance of experience in returning members and new members.

The operational details of policy statement preparation, response to comments, the Annual Invitation Health Policy Conference, and Hill Day remain the responsibility of the Policy Department.

Committee Members

Profile image for Lynn Witherspoon, MD

Lynn Witherspoon, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer Emeritus
Ochsner Health