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There are two dimensions of AHIC eligibility – a graduate degree in health informatics or a related field and “qualifying” health informatics experience. The amount of required experience is determined by type of graduate degree.

“Qualifying” experience includes work that aligns with AHIC™ Outline of Exam Topics [Appendix A] and includes evidence of the following types of tasks:

  • critical thinking and analysis
  • independent decision-making
  • project management
  • managing personnel, resources or partner relationships
  • leading or supporting teams
  • policy development
  • strategic planning

Qualifying experience may be gained prior to the completion of the qualifying graduate degree. Finally, qualifying experience must have occurred within the past 6, 8, or 10 years. Table 1 summarizes AHIC Eligibility Criteria.

Track Academic Degree % Work Time in Health Informatics Qualifying Health Informatics Experience
1 Master’s or doctoral degree in health informatics or a degree with a focus in informatics from an accredited program, college, or university

Examples of qualifying degrees include (but are not limited to) those associated with: Clinical informatics, consumer health informatics, public health informatics, clinical research informatics, or translational bioinformatics
50%-100% 4 years within the past 6 years
20%-49% 6 years within the past 8 years
2 Master’s or doctoral degree in a health informatics related field from an accredited program, college, or university

Examples of qualifying degrees include (but are not limited to): Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Computer Science, and other health professions
50%-100% 6 years within the past 8 years
20%-49% 8 years within the past 10 years

Note: Individuals who do not work 100% in health informatics and whose other responsibilities comprise clinical or public health practice will bring their health informatics knowledge and skills to their other roles, and their health informatics work will be informed by their other roles. Therefore, there is a rational basis for using a prorated approach for counting years of service for individuals who do not work 100% in health informatics.  

Outside-the-USA Applicants

Applicants who reside, work, or were educated or trained outside-the-USA and who satisfy the other eligibility criteria will be eligible for the AHIC certification program.

The AHIC exam is based on the scope of practice of health informatics professionals within the USA, having been derived from the Heath Informatics Delineation of Practice that emerged from a survey of health informatics professionals that included few outside-the-USA respondents. Thus, the exam will contain items that are specific to health informatics practice within the USA, such as US law related to health informatics.

The exam fees for applicants residing outside-the-USA will be slightly higher than the fees for applicants residing within the USA, to cover the higher costs of shipping certification recognition materials (certificate hardcopy, etc.).

Exam Eligibility Extensions

If a candidate is unable to test during the initial 180-day exam eligibility period, the candidate may request a one-time exam eligibility extension for a $150 fee.

Only ONE exam eligibility extension may be requested by a candidate; second requests will not be granted. The extension request can be made at any time between the date of the candidate’s ATT notice and the last day of the exam eligibility period. The candidate must request an extension in writing via email to The candidate must cancel any previously scheduled exam appointments directly with the exam delivery provider to take advantage of this option, and all rescheduling or cancellation fees apply. Extensions of exam eligibility and associated fees are non-transferrable.

Certification Staff

The AMIA Health Informatics Certification staff is here to help! Please consult the AHIC FAQ and the Certification Guide for details on eligibility and the application process.

For questions about your unique eligibility concerns please send an inquiry to and the staff will connect with you directly.

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