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This guide provides information on how to apply for and maintain AMIA Health Informatics Certification (AHIC). The sections that follow provide an overview of the AHIC program, outline steps for pursuing AHIC, present key AHIC policies, and include links to related documents.

It is essential that AHIC applicants and diplomates are aware of the policies that affect their application and ongoing certification. AHIC applicants should read this handbook prior to submitting an AHIC application. AMIA certification staff are available to answer your questions.

Questions? Contact the AHIC Certification staff or send an email to

Download AMIA Health Informatics Certification eligibility documentation PDFs.

Acronyms and Definitions

AHIC™: AMIA Health Informatics Certification

ACHIP™: AMIA Certified Health Informatics Professional

ARC: AHIC Review Course - preparatory course for AHIC certification

HIPEC™: Health Informatics Professional Emeritus Certificate

HICC: Health Informatics Certification Commission

Applicant: an individual who submitted an application for certification

Candidate: an individual who received confirmation of AHIC eligibility

Diplomate: an individual who has earned the ACHIP credential and meets criteria for recertification

Certification: A process by which individuals who have demonstrated the level of knowledge and skill required in the profession, occupation, or role are identified to the public and other stakeholders (ICE Handbook, 2nd Edition).

Recertification: Requirements and procedures for certified individuals must meet to ensure continuing competence and renew/maintain their certification.