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Reimbursement Policy

AMIA recognizes that volunteer time and contributions are vital to our success and achievement. In AMIA’s role as a non-profit organization, the association strives to be fiscally prudent. AMIA reimburses volunteers, consultants, and staff for reasonable expenses incurred while conducting business or performing services on behalf of the association, as authorized by the board of directors and approved in advance of travel. AMIA has developed a reimbursement policy for those who may need assistance to allow them to participate in certain association activities.

AMIA will reimburse approved expenses related to association activities for volunteers, consultants and staff as outlined in this reimbursement policy. Any departure from this policy must be approved in advance by the AMIA office.

Volunteers, consultants and staff will be provided with an AMIA reimbursement form when they are eligible to receive reimbursement for attending an association event. The reimbursement form will contain the specific information related to that particular event, along with any special policy provisions that may be applicable (for example, if volunteers are traveling for AMIA activities that involve the use of grant or contract funds, reimbursement guidelines may be subject to different allowance amounts).

If you need to seek reimbursement, you must complete the appropriate reimbursement form and submit it within 30 days of the qualified event. In order to receive reimbursement, a completed form along with all itemized receipts (copies or originals) must be included. If expenses are for more than the one person, please include the name of each additional person along with the receipt (for example, a group dinner or joint taxi ride). Reimbursement forms not accompanied by itemized receipts will not be processed.

Airline Travel Allowance

AMIA encourages making airline travel arrangements as far in advance as possible to take advantage of discounted fares. AMIA will reimburse actual airline travel expenses that are made with an advance purchase of at least 21 days or to a maximum of $600.00 for airline travel made less than 21 days in advance. If less than 21 days notice is given for a meeting, AMIA will make adjustments accordingly. Volunteers, consultants, and staff are expected to secure the lowest available economy coach fares. AMIA recognizes that individuals wish to and do benefit from personal frequent flyer programs and may have a preferred carrier or class of travel. When a specific carrier’s fees are reasonable as compared with other carriers for a similar flight, volunteers, consultants and staff may use their preferred carrier. Upgrade purchases are not reimbursable.

Should you have problems finding airfare within the budget, please contact the AMIA staff, who will put you in contact with AMIA’s travel agent or approve a specific adjustment to the maximum reimbursement.

AMIA is not responsible for fees incurred if you cancel/change your ticketed airline reservations for your personal schedule or if you carry oversized or additional baggage. If AMIA is responsible for a schedule change after your flight has been ticketed and it is necessary for you to change your flight, we will reimburse the change fee with appropriate documentation.

Ground Transportation Allowance

Transportation to and from airport – Volunteers, consultants, and staff are expected to use the most cost effective means of travel when ground transfers are made taking into account the time of day, convenience, and personal safety. This would include public transportation, the use of airport shuttles, and coordinated cab rides when practical. If it is less expensive to drive to/from the home airport and pay airport parking than to take a cab or shuttle, mileage will be reimbursed at the then-current mileage rate allowed by the IRS.

Other ground transportation – Volunteers, consultants and staff will be reimbursed for other modes of transportation in lieu of airfare (train fare, personal car, etc.) up to a maximum of $600. This shall include mileage reimbursed at the then-current mileage rate allowed by the IRS and any hotel or garage parking fees.

Hotel Allowance

AMIA will reimburse hotel costs for the number of nights noted on the reimbursement form. Those attendees who are traveling from coast-to-coast may request an additional night if reasonable travel times back home cannot be arranged without an additional night’s stay. Hotel stays will be reimbursed at the negotiated conference rate plus tax, or up to this amount if the attendee stays at an alternate hotel.

Meal Allowance

AMIA will reimburse reasonable meal costs for travel to and on the day of the meeting, no more than $85 per day (we will reimburse up to $20.00 for breakfast, $20.00 for lunch, and $45.00 for dinner and all itemized receipts must be provided). Volunteers, consultants and staff are expected to take advantage of group meal functions and will not be reimbursed for personal meal costs when a group function is provided. (as of 01/01/2020)

Expenses Not Reimbursed

AMIA does not reimburse for telephone calls, WiFi or internet services, baggage services, valet services, laundry or cleaning services, club fees, in-room entertainment, movies, mini-bar charges, or any other personal expense.

Additional Information

If you have additional questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the AMIA office, 301-657-1291.