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September 20, 2023

AMIA appreciates ONC’s efforts to solicit feedback on data collection for future iterations of USCDI. AMIA reflected on USCDI v4 final version to recommend edits to USCDI v5 draft anticipated to be released in January 2024. Below are the Data Classes and Elements AMIA provided feedback: 

Data Classes

  • Care Team Members
  • Clinical Notes
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Goals and Preferences
  • Provenance
  • Problems
  • Participation in Clinical Trials - AMIA recommended addition
  • Patient Demographics
  • Medical Devices

Data Elements

Data Class in Parentheses

  • Assessment and Plan of Treatment (Under Patient Summary and Plan)
  • Disability Status (Under Health Status Assessment)
  • Manufacturer Reference Range (Under Laboratory)
  • Medication Administration and Medications Dispensed (Under Medications) 
  • Care Team Member Conducting Health Status Assessment (Under Health Status Assessments)
  • Manufacturer Reference Range (Under Clinical Tests)
  • Individual Administering Vital Signs (Under Vital Signs)
  • Diagnosis (Under Encounter Information)
  • Problems (Under Problems)
  • Treatment Intervention Preference (Under Goals and Preferences)

View the attachment to read the full recommendations for each Data Class and Element.