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ACIF 'Go Live' - #S3E8: Virtual Care, Information Security, and Data Accessibility with Dr. William Gordon

February 23, 2022
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In this episode, podcast co-hosts Mackenzie Hofford (2nd year CI fellow, Washington University in St. Louis) and Jayson Marwaha (NLM Informatics fellow, Harvard Medical School) chat with Dr. William Gordon about virtual care and the evolving post-COVID-19 health data ecosystem, with a focus on information security and data accessibility. Dr. Gordon is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, a faculty member in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School, and has written extensively on cybersecurity, data accessibility, and virtual care programs.

Mackenzie Hofford
CI Fellow (2nd year)
Washington University in St. Louis
Jayson Marwaha
NLM Informatics Fellow
Harvard Medical School
Dr. William Gordon
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Brigham and Women's Hospital