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ACIF 'Go Live' - #S3E3: Part 2: Diving Head First into Cybersecurity with Dennis Leber

March 8, 2021
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In this episode, Bryan McConomy (2nd year CI Fellow, Regenstrief Institute) and Victor Garcia (2nd year CI Fellow, Stony Brook University) talk to Dennis Leber the CISO from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and we are joined by Meera Subash (2nd year CI fellow, UC San Francisco) for a discussion on the why and how of cybersecurity in healthcare. It is important for Informaticians to have knowledge of the risks that ransomware pose to the operations of a health system and how to be a proactive partner in cybersecurity.


Bryan McConomy
2nd year CI Fellow
Regenstrief Institute
Victor Garcia
2nd year CI Fellow
Stony Brook University
Dennis Leber
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Meera Subash
2nd year CI fellow
UC San Francisco