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Public Biography
Dr. Brown is an Associate Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology and Biostatistics at UC San Francisco, an AMIA Board Director and was a Vice Chair for the AMIA 2022 conference, and is a John A. Watson Faculty Scholar. He is the Founding Director of CODE Lab, Director of DEI for the Bakar Computational Health Science Institute, Co-Director of the T32 DaTABASE for Health Disparities Research Fellowship, Associate Director at the Research Coordinating Center to Reduce Disparities in Multiple Chronic Diseases (RCC RD-MCD), and Implementation Science Lead for the Center for Digital Health Innovation. His research involves Big Data, mHealth, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Standards [FHIR, OMOP, UMLS, etc.] as applied to clinical and behavioral health disparities research, with underserved communities. Using community-based participatory research he works to reduce chronic illness (HIV, diabetes, opioids) and health disparities among vulnerable populations (i.e., African-Americans, Latinos, youth, and LGBT). He also teaches and mentors graduate students.


DEI Education, Governance, and Policy Subcommittee


DEI Education, Governance, and Policy Subcommittee builds DEI practices into AMIA’s internal structures and policies; support DEI member education activities; and external partner benchmarking.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee

Board Liaison

The DEI Steering Committee guides and executes AMIA’s strategic goals and objectives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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