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Public Biography
My background enables me to apply a systems analysis perspective to the processes and operations of health care. My graduate studies and postdoctoral research focused on workflow in various care delivery settings. I developed a methodology, called patient-oriented workflow, for emergency department settings. Patient-oriented workflow considers the following elements, in a temporal context, to better understand delivery of care from a patient perspective: patient care activities, the sequence of these activities, the roles of personnel who perform patient care activities, and other work elements. I started my tenure-track position in the College of Nursing at the University of Colorado | Anschutz Medical Campus in 2013. I am developing a research program that applies patient-oriented workflow approach to daily-living (e.g. home and community) environments. My research will inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of organizational and informatics interventions in healthcare settings to make them safer, more effective, more patient-centered, more timely, more equitable, and more efficient.


People and Organizational Issues-Evaluation
Working Group

Past Chair 2024

The mission of the People and Organizational Issues-Evaluation (POI-Eval) Working Group is to study the interactions between people and technology, including designing, implementing, evaluating, and optimizing safe and usable health information systems and technology.

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