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Public Biography
Assistant Professor in the Population Health Informatics program in the Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy. Experienced public health practitioner with public and population health informatics training at Indiana University and Regenstrief Institute. My research is focused on systemic informatics integration and health information exchange. I am excited to expand boundaries of the use and integration of health informatics to improve multiple facets of human life and lead innovative and collaborative programming while empowering people. I also serve as the director of AMIA’s For Your Informatics Podcast, a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, Women in AMIA Pathways Subcommittee, and Dental Informatics Working Group.


DEI Retention and Advancement Subcommittee


DEI Retention and Advancement Subcommittee develops volunteer leadership opportunities and pathways, mentorship and career guidance.

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Dental Informatics
Working Group

Advisor 2022-2024

The mission of the Dental Informatics Working Group is to serve as the focus for individuals and organizations with interest or involvement in health informatics with an emphasis on dental informatics.

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