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Public Biography
I have trained in neurology with a research track at Case Western Reserve University and then trained in movement disorders under Dr. Stanley Fahn at Columbia University. I have then completed the Master of Science program in Health and Clinical Informatics, based on which I am now eligible for Clinical Informatics board certification under the practice pathway. My clinical focus is on Parkinson’s disease (PD) and related atypical parkinsonian disorders, and I perform specialized procedures of deep brain stimulation (DBS) programming and botulinum toxin injections. As a movement disorders neurologist and a physician informatician, the primary niche of my academic career is in medical informatics research in PD and related neurodegenerative disorders, along with a secondary focus in medical education research in informatics.


Clinical Research Informatics
Working Group

Member-at-Large 2023-2024

The Clinical Research Informatics Working Group's mission is to advance the discipline of Clinical Research Informatics (CRI) by fostering interaction, discussion and collaboration among individuals and groups involved or interested in the practice and study of CRI, and to serve as the home for CRI professionals within AMIA.

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