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In their capacity as leaders of AMIA, all individuals have an obligation to make decisions and conduct affairs of the organization based upon the desire to promote AMIA and its mission. AMIA’s policy aims to educate leaders on what constitutes a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, to set standards for full disclosure of professional and relevant personal activities and relationships that created a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, to remedy and resolve conflicts of interest per AMIA’s conflict of management options, and to encourage leaders to remain aware of and take initiative to manage, disclose, and resolve conflicts of interest appropriately.

AMIA’s Complete Conflict of Interest Policy includes a table which describes preferred ways the AMIA Executive Committee suggests individuals manage COI. Individual should complete this online form using these preferred methods. If the suggested management option should not apply, the individual should indicate why with detailed information. The AMIA Executive Committee will confirm their agreement with, or recommend change to, the appropriate management option.

In order to proactively address any potential conflicts of interest, each leader is required to annually complete and submit a disclosure form. Disclosures and agreed to methods of management are summarized yearly on the internal AMIA website allowing all AMIA members to review the COI disclosures of leaders.

I have read AMIA’s Conflict of Interest Policy and agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained therein and the agreed to method of management for each conflict.
I have reviewed my current COI disclosure on file with AMIA and:

Research Relationships

Existing, past 12 months or anticipated support by industry, or other funding entities relevant to AMIA’s mission usually through a grant or contract.

Example: An AMIA member is funded by an electronic health record (EHR) vendor to test a new voice assistant for the EHR.

Conflict to disclose research
Suggested management option research

Consulting and/or Employment Relationships

The existing, past (recent) or anticipated compensated provision of work products, advice or information, usually from an individual AMIA member or staff, to a commercial organization.

Academic institutions are excluded.

  • An AMIA member is paid consulting fees by an EHR software developer.
  • An AMIA staff is paid to contribute a monthly column to a non-AMIA publication.
  • An AMIA agent is a member of a commercial board.
  • An AMIA agent is paid by an organization that competes with AMIA for federal grants.
Conflict to disclose
Suggested management option consulting

Licensing Relationships

The existing, past (recent) or anticipated licensing of technologies or content to industry.

Example: An AMIA member developed a new EHR search technology that is licensed to a software vendor.

Conflict to disclose licensing
Suggested management option licensing

Equity Relationships

The existing, past (recent) or anticipated ownership interest of AMIA members or staff or their family members that exceeds 5% or $25,000 (whichever is smaller) in the founding and/or ownership of companies commercializing informatics research or health information technology. (Does not apply to stocks held in mutual funds unless they are purely health and/or technology focused funds).

Example: An AMIA member owns stock or is an owner in a software vendor or other entity that is or about to be public.

Conflict to disclose equity
Suggested management option equity

Gift Relationships

The existing, past (recent) or anticipated transfer of scientific and nonscientific resources, independent of research grants or contract, from industry to an AMIA member or staff. Generally, any item over $100 in value would be considered a gift relationship.

Example: A software vendor representative sends an AMIA member an iPad as a thank-you gift for advice on how to get involved in the working group. An AMIA staff member receives a free 7-night personal hotel stay from a hotel.

Conflict to disclose gift
Suggested management option gift

Quid Pro Quo Relationships

The existing, past (recent) or anticipated support of another AMIA member or staff in an attempt to obtain a promotion or introduction into ACMI or nomination to an election slate.

Example: An AMIA member, who was recently supported in a promotion by another AMIA member, is asked to vote on the supporting member’s inclusion on an election slate.

Conflict to disclose quid pro
Suggested management option quid pro

Conflict of Commitment

The existing (recent) or anticipated participation by AMIA members or staff on another organization’s board of directors or other organizational or committee leadership that is seen to have a direct impact to AMIA’s current goals and/or mission.

Example: An AMIA board member serves on the program committee for a meeting that competes with AMIA’s annual symposium.

Conflict to disclose commitment
Suggested management option commitment

Reputational Conflict

The existing (recent) or anticipated conviction of an AMIA staff or leader of a crime beyond a misdemeanor.

Example: An AMIA agent has been convicted of embezzling money from their employer.

Conflict to disclose reputational
Suggested management option reputational