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This informational webinar answers questions about Stage 3 of the AMIA AI Evaluation Showcase. Accepted presentations will take place at the AMIA 2023 Annual Symposium.


This webinar will focus on three different perspectives and discuss how to make synergy by collaborating across all three:

Introduction of AMIA AI Showcase (Self-governance)
The Three-stage Design and forming a community of health AI researchers and practitioners to curate best practice examples of Health AI Evaluation to prepare for industrial standard setting.

Introduction of CHAI (industrial guideline)
The introduction of the Blueprint of AI Bills of Rights and how CHAI contributes to creating AI Evaluation guidelines.  

Introduction of NIST Risk Management Framework (AI regulation)
The emerging AI regulation & how NIST is taking the conceptual, high-level Bills of Rights to an implementable playbook for organizations

AI Showcase

Stage III - Health Impact Studies

The AMIA AI Evaluation Showcase Series aims to select and present the current use cases in the field and form a community to help build consensus around best practice.

Deadline: August 11, 2023

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Presentation Agenda

  • Report on the progress made on AI evaluation best practices from AI Evaluation Showcase 2022 and 2023.
  • Define a set of critical use cases for how the healthcare ecosystem could enable Responsible AI with better evaluation practices and increase its adoption across functions: scientific discovery, clinical care, patient engagement, patient safety, to real-world evidence generation and validation.
  • Identify the gaps in AI Ethics and real-world practice for discussing industrial standard setting and how to put the new AI regulation in perspective with health AI innovation.

Tentative panel discussion questions:

  • What are the major challenges?
  • Potential next steps:
    • What can the AI Showcase do to further strengthen self-governance beyond the curation of best practice examples to set industrial standards?
    • Gaps that can be bridged with partnerships with Government agencies such as NIST?
    • Gaps that can be bridged with industrial alliances such as CHAI?  
    • How can a technical and practitioner community work together to tackle the emerging AI risk introduced by new technologies such as generative AI?


Pei-Yun (Sabrina) Hsueh, PhD, FAMIA
Co-Chair, 2023 Scientific Program Committee
Co-Chair, 2023 Scientific Program Committee



Gretchen Purcell Jackson, MD, PhD, FACS, FACMI, FAMIA
AMIA President and Chair of the Board of Directors
Nicoleta Economou-Zavlanos, PhD
Duke University
Yuan Luo, PhD
Northwestern University
Shauna Overgaard, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Elham Tabassi
National Institute of Standards and Technology
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Type: Webinar
Course Format(s): On Demand
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