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Artificial Intelligence is moving and shaping health and healthcare at lightning speed. The benefits of AI are multifold, but informatics research and practice are needed for the systematic and comprehensive evaluation of AI tools.

AI in health and healthcare must be safely and effectively deployed in healthcare settings. Such evaluation includes technical performance studies, usability and workflow, and health impact. Regulators, researchers, and clinical practitioners have all been exploring how to best evaluate the different phases of the health AI deployment lifecycle.

In the AMIA Artificial Intelligence Evaluation Showcase Series, AMIA aims to select and present the current use cases in the field and form a community to help build consensus around the best practice. The formed community and the curated best practice examples are expected to help strengthen the thought leadership position of the AMIA community in the industrial standard understanding and setting.

Presentations in the AMIA 2023 Artificial Intelligence Evaluation Showcase will be presented at all three AMIA meetings:

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Pei-Yun (Sabrina) Hsueh, PhD, FAMIA
Global Health AI Leader
Bayesian Health
Li Zhou, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Brigham and Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School Partners Healthcare System


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