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Industry Partner Session

IPS05: Synthetic Data from A to Z, with the MDClone ADAMS Platform

•    Jon D. Morrow, MD, MA, MBA, MDClone (host)
•    Noa Zamstein, PhD, MDClone
•    Randi Foraker, PhD, MA, Washington University in St. Louis

Join MDClone for a lively, in-depth survey of how synthetic data allow clinicians, medical researchers, and health-system operators to unlock knowledge from vast amounts of data without exposing protected health information or compromising patient privacy. MDClone will define synthetic data and describe the process by which they are generated, contrast synthetic data to de-identified data, and discuss how synthetic data preserve patient privacy, followed by a live demonstration of the MDClone ADAMS Platform and its Synthetic Data Engine. Finally, MDClone will present synthetic data validation through three disparate use cases in medical quality improvement, population health, and clinical predictive modeling.