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AMIA 2019 Clinical Informatics Conference Public and Population Health Highlights

From beginning to end, from keynotes to posters, Public and Population Health are going to be BIG at the Clinical Informatics Conference … here are a few selections from the program:

  • Opening Session with health care transformation expert Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA
  • Leveraging Standards to Advance Clinical Decision Support for Public Health
  • The National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet): Opportunities for Public Health Surveillance and Research within a National Distributed Research Network.
  • CDC’s Public Health Data Strategy and Standards-Based Clinical Integration Initiatives
  • To Share is Human! CDS Connect: A Growing National Repository of Shareable, Interoperable Clinical Decision Support
  • A Tale of Two Practice Analyses: Clinical Informatics Subspecialty and Health Informatics
  • Formulating Clinical and Public Health Informatics Problems through Shared Mental Models: A Case-Based Workshop
  • End-to-end Decision-learning in Clinical and Public Health Datasets with Bayesian Artificial Intelligence
  • Agile Development to Public Health Methodology for Data Driven Projects
  • Improving Safety and Velocity of Change and Innovation in Electronic Health Records through DevOps
  • The Promise of Big Data: One HIE’s Journey to Extract Greater Insights from Non-Standardized Data
  • Adapting and Adopting Agile Development from Engineering to Public Health Methodology for Data Driven Projects
  • Towards Interoperability in Public Health from the Lens of Immunization Reporting and Electronic Laboratory Reporting
  • A Retrospective, Matched Cohort Study of the Effectiveness of Common COPD Drug Treatments on 30-Day Readmissions
  • Real-time Communication With Health Care Providers through an Online Respiratory Pathogen Laboratory Report
  • Utilizing a User-Centered Design to Address Gaps in Humanitarian Emergencies
  • Using Gamification and Asynchronous Mobile Learning to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates in Pediatric Primary Care Network
  • Multiple Primary Cancer: Associations and Network Link Analysis
  • Closing Session with public health expert John R. Lumpkin, MD, MPH