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SPI Working Group Mission and Goals


The mission of the Surgical and Procedural Informatics Discussion Forum is to serve as a forum for thought leaders in surgical informatics to promote collaboration, education, and scholarship surrounding the use of healthcare information technologies. We seek to support and advance the processes, care, and outcomes of surgical and procedural patients


Our vision is for health information and digital health technologies to be developed and improved to optimally support surgical and procedural patients, clinicians, and workflows across the spectrum of procedural care.


  • To develop and sustain a network of people and groups participating in the investigation and development of informatics-based health tools and solutions for surgical and procedural patients, clinicians, and processes.
  • To advocate for and represent the perspective and unique needs of surgical and procedural patients, clinicians, and staff with respect to the development and application of health information and digital health technologies.
  • To serve as liaison between the informatics and surgical communities and societies, and in so doing, increase awareness of surgical concerns among the informatics community and of informatics concerns among the surgical community.
  • To create, maintain, and promote educational and scholarly resources and activities for professional development, scholarly activity, application development, policy development, and public understanding of surgical and procedural informatics.
  • To contribute to the creation and evolution of standards and guidelines for the application of health information technologies to surgical and procedural contexts.
  • To support the development and training of a pipeline of surgical and procedural informaticians to contribute to ongoing effort in this space.

Proposed Activities and Outcomes

  • Create a community for AMIA members interested in the application of health information technology to surgical and procedural contexts
  • Convene a quarterly call for discussion forum members
  • Convene gatherings for discussion forum members at the AMIA Annual Symposium, Clinical Informatics Conference, and/or Informatics Summit
  • Author position and perspective articles on surgical and procedural informatics topics
  • Organize panels and workshops to examine current topics
  • Develop and maintain a “first-stop” online resource for supporting awareness and discussions of surgical and procedural informatics
  • Organize virtual lectures with leaders in surgical and procedural informatics
  • Establish relationships with the American College of Surgeons and other surgical Societies