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Nursing Informatics Innovators: Susan Matney

Susan has worked as a nurse since 1981 and began her career in informatics in 1997. She has been involved in the creation and implementation of the nursing terminologies, information models and standards. She is the chair of the Clinical LOINC nursing subcommittee and in 2001, she took LOINC to the ANA to be an approved terminology for use by nursing. She has mapped portions of CCC, the Omaha system and the Nursing Management Minimum Data Set to LOINC. She participated in the integration of the Clinical Care Classification nursing diagnosis into ICNP. She participated in an expert panel for PNDS and IHE terminology. Susan is an active member of HL7 and is past co-chair and current vocabulary facilitator of the patient care committee. She is an invited member of the Nursing Terminology Summit, a member of the IHTSDO quality assurance committee and the ANA’s CNPII committee.


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