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The Medical Informatics Home Area is UCLA’s nexus for interdisciplinary training of the next generation of scientists involved in biomedical informatics and data science. UCLA provides a unique environment to bring together cutting-edge expertise and experience in a dynamic environment for graduate students engaged at the intersection of engineering, medicine, public health, and other related fields - and focusing on the goal of transforming modern healthcare through contemporary data-driven methods and tools. Drawing on leading experts from the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, Public Health; and the College of Letters & Science, our Home Area faculty cover the breadth of medical informatics research. The physical proximity of these Schools, the College, and our close collaboration with the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center provide novel opportunities for our students to participate in team science in new, immersive ways — translating the latest methods from computer science, (bio)statistics, and other areas to solve real-world clinical challenges and to imagine the future of digital medicine.

Los Angeles