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Health Sciences Informatics research involves innovations for the health sciences (basic, clinical, nursing, public health, and librarianship) in the understanding of information needs, the design and creation of information technologies, the deployment of information solutions, and the evaluation of information management.

The approach at Johns Hopkins is interdisciplinary. Although housed in the School of Medicine, the training program partners with all schools in the health sciences and throughout Hopkins.

The program invites applicants from a range of disciplines including public health, clinical care, the nursing sciences, and biology, as well as from cognate fields such as computer, library, and information sciences. Our applicant pool typically includes a number of physicians and candidates holding a Ph.D. or master’s degree who wish to develop expertise in the field of Health Sciences Informatics in general, and public health informatics in particular.

Kersti Winny, Academic Programs Administrator
Coordinator Email
Program Type: Master’s
Program Format: In-Person
Domain: Clinical Informatics
Program Website