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The BS in Health Informatics degree program prepares students in the field of health informatics, which integrates health sciences, information technology, computer science, data science, and behavioral sciences. The program combines interdisciplinary knowledge from these areas with practical, specialized skills in health informatics to improve patient care, and individual and population health.

The program includes training in the application and study of how: 1) health data are collected, stored, and communicated; 2) the data are processed and analyzed for decision making; 3) computer and telecommunication technologies can provide support in the above; and 4) technology projects are managed to achieve success in health applications.

The program provides a traditional 120-credit bachelor’s degree. Within the 70-credits of health informatics courses included in the major requirements, topics such as health information systems, information security, data science, computer programming, health care databases and data mining, data analytics, project management, and process improvement are covered. Students learn theory, methods and applied technical skills needed to succeed in the field.

Courses are offered in both on-campus and online formats. The program may be completed on a full- or part-time basis leading to completion of the objectives of the undergraduate BS program. 

Accelerated BS to MS option is available for top students who want to transition immediately to master’s program in health informatics. 

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